Bio-Test Express: Proven People & Protocols

Hitting the Road. Our Operations Managers thoroughly train all new hires, who will quickly have command of every procedure, and perform them as efficiently as our senior-most Couriers.


Safe, Accurate, On-Time Service

With each pickup and delivery, Bio-Test Express couriers solidify the trust that medical technicians have placed in us since 1981. It is a trust built through the understanding that we must continually back up our promise: to be the best, most comprehensive Courier Company serving the healthcare industry. And, to accomplish this, we adhere to time-tested protocols that guarantee success at every stop. What defines our success...? The precise components you request, carefully protected for sterility, received and delivered on or ahead of schedule. Every time without out fail.



Record Time

Healthcare also turns to Bio-Test for point-to-point punctuality in transporting all types of medical records...blood test results, x-rays, and patient histories...also, pharmaceuticals and home infusion products. If you need it moved, trust Bio-Test. We'll respond with our prevailing professionalism, care for safety and confidentiality, and timely turnaround.


24/365 Operation

Our normal hours of operation are 7 am to 5 pm, which fits the standard business day. But, while doctors may keep office hours, emergencies don't for the dedicated medical professionals that are on-call, on-duty, and ready at a moment's notice; Bio-Test Express is equally vigilant. For those times outside the norm, a direct dial number reaches our 24/7 service, where specific Dispatchers and Couriers are scheduled to ensure a continual presence that our clients can count on. Whether providing back-up staffing, vehicle support, or management input, we are always at the ready...unwinking in the wee hours; and prepared to handle the busiest of afternoons.


A Professional Workforce

Our Couriers carry with them the Company's reputation. You will immediately find they conduct themselves with the same professionalism exhibited by you, our clients. Courteous, knowledgeable, and empowered to go the extra mile (so to speak) to make sure your every requirement is resolved. Bio-Test couriers are cleanly uniformed and easily identified as Bio-Test Express Couriers when entering your facility.


Our mission is to make tangible the difference that a singular-focused, employee-based organization makes in the management of blood and bio-hazardous materials...because it is more than just a simple delivery. Therefore, our employees pass a number of checks before starting with the Company...including a review of their physical and driving history. And, before ever turning over the ignition, they receive a full orientation regarding the special precautions and procedures required for safe handling and transportation of the critical materials we are trusted to deliver.


As a pioneer in service to laboratory and transfusion medicine, Bio-Test Express draws on decades of experience which have defined the protocols to which our Couriers adhere. However, Standards and the roster of codes is ever-changing, and Bio-Test management is adept at anticipating new edicts from Federal and State governments. Thus, our Couriers are trained and tested on OSHA and other FDA requirements every year-regardless of tenure.


Equipment & Safety


Account Management

Total Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal. Yet, with over-the-road, point-to-point deliveries, obstacles are an everyday reality. To ensure confidence, we have, in place, time-tested account management standards and procedures for the resolution of complaints and unforeseen problems.

A Customer Service Representative is assigned to each account, and he/she is their client service contact for any issue that needs addressed. Among those issues are:


Liability Exposure

Bio-Test Express provides insurance protection up to $5 million per occurrence. This measure is taken to afford our customers complete protection against all claims and possible liable suits. The amount set by our insurance carrier far exceeds the minimum required by law and speaks directly to the attention to detail that Bio-Test gives to every facet of the business.

Our insurance carrier conducts on-site audits to verify that every area of concern, be it employee hiring, maintenance of equipment, or employee safety, is conducted with the objective of upholding the highest standards.


Transportation Permits & Licensing

Each Bio-Test Express vehicle is properly marked with its PUC License Number and place of origin. Correct licensing and identification are required for all companies that serve the public via transportation of goods/people. Bio-Test also retains licenses from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Interstate Commerce Commission.


Accreditation Compliance

Because of our manufacturing expertise, Bio-Test is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Food & Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Health. These licenses allow us to anticipate changes and keep up-with expert knowledge of the current and future requirements of every associated organization.