Bio-Test Express Partnerships


Complete Management Methodology

A Hospital System...a local healthcare facility...a clinic...a laboratory...a hometown doctor. No matter the size of the client, Bio-Test Express puts forth the same commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction. Client requirements' define our Management Methodology. Upon the establishment of a working relationship, we conduct an audit of all your daily essentials...identifying each department's requirements and schedule, so that a baseline service level can be mapped out. This service level is optimized for efficiency; taking in all options for route consolidation, and allocating necessary staff, vehicles, and equipment. In anticipation of the start date, we will assign a Customer Service Representative-and an on-site Field Manager, who is responsible for hiring, training, scheduling, and the daily administration of duties outlined by the contract. Finally, a reporting format is designed that allows us to quantify the success of all that we promise to perform on behalf of the customer.

Senior Management will review daily routing activity and chart any fluctuations in service levels. Where suggestions for change can be made without reducing quality and nature of service, a comprehensive report will be presented to the client for consideration. The report will be presented by Senior Management and will detail savings in terms of service satisfaction and real dollars.

Uncommon attention to detail. Uncompromising demand for tangible results. The principles on which we conduct daily operations... These are the cornerstone of our successful partnerships.