Bio-Test Express: First in Service


Since 1968, Carmen V. D'Ambrosio has been involved in healthcare-with national and international experience. In 1976, he incorporated to create a business model that would provide service for a broad range of needs within the diagnostic laboratory setting.

Those services addressed areas from the manufacturing of diagnostic reagents for blood bank and microbiology use, to the creation of the first courier service exclusively set up for the transport of blood and blood products.

It was 1981 when Mr. D'Ambrosio recognized an opportunity for the industry to outsource transportation requirements-and realize improved service with reduced costs. With his in-depth knowledge of the diagnostic field, Mr. D'Ambrosio submitted application to the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission (PUC) for this specialized service. On October 30, 1981, he was awarded a license-the first in Pennsylvania, the first in the Tri-State area, and one of the first in the nation-to exclusively transport blood, specimens, and related products under the same standards mandated for hospitals and clinical laboratories. With current regulation standards demanding more, Bio-Test Express has remained the preferred choice of the regions laboratory, medical professionals and hospital systems.

Bio-Test Express is superior because our objective is defined by a clear mission:

Today, Bio-Test Express continues to be guided by the leadership of Carmen V. D'Ambrosio, Jr. Headquartered in Gibsonia, PA, Bio-Test is a private, family-run Company. The Company's President is Carmen L. D'Ambrosio-a graduate of the West Virginia University, with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. He brings with him more than two decades of experience in assorted healthcare operations, and a management approach that's personable, engaged, and admired by all employees.

The Company continues to expand and improve upon the foundation of its initial success. Now, with more than 100 employees carrying out hundreds of assignments per day, and proven protocols and policies in place, Bio-Test Express is poised to partner with Healthcare organizations of any size and scope.