Bio-Test Express: Results-Driven

Bio-Test Express is healthcare's premier partner for the vital, time-sensitive transportation of blood, blood-related products, and biohazardous materials. It's our sole focus-24/365. Each day, hundreds of medical professionals throughout the region rely on Bio-Test Express couriers because of their professionalism, punctuality, and the knowledge and care they exhibit in handling critical materials.

The healthcare industry is flourishing with new technology, and everyone must keep up. With new efficiencies across the board, the demand to receive information faster becomes ever more important. Patient welfare and the subsequent method of treatment depend greatly of the turnaround time of patient specimens received and processed in the laboratory. Because patient treatment won't begin without the critical testing of the patient's specimen, the biomedical laboratories depend on courier transportation of specimens in ever-increasing ways. Delays or missteps in the collection or storage of specimens while in transit are unacceptable.

Bio-Test Express brings decades of experience in the safe and swift transport of blood and specimens. Since 1981, we have provided service to numerous laboratories, hospitals, and blood centers. We have strived to improve efficiencies while reducing operational costs significantly, through improved efficiency and expertise. We know the field, we know the territory, we are Results-Driven.

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